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Custom improv workshops are available for any occasion! While we're able to offer all types of customized workshops tailored specifically to your needs, here are some examples:  

BIRTHDAYS AND OTHER PARTIES!: Birthday parties, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties and MORE! Enjoy an unforgettable experience as you invite OKC Improv to your next party. Whether it's a private comedy show or a personal improv workshop full of games and laughs with your guests, your event is sure to be a celebration that'll keep your guests laughing the whole time!

INCREASE CREATIVITY WORKSHOPS: Want to get the creative juices flowing for your employees, team, writers group, D&D campaign, or other group project? Invite OKC Improv to lead a private workshop with some fantastic improv exercises to expand and refuel your creativity!

TEAM BUILDING & COMMUNICATION WORKSHOPS: Want to strengthen your employees, team, or group's communication skills? We can lead a workshop full of listening games and exercises that make increasing communication full of laughs!  

TAILOR-MADE WORKSHOPS: Working with a group of students or employees and want to find a fun and unique way to boost their creativity, confidence, adaptability, quick-thinking, teamwork, and more?  We can cater our workshop to highlight your students’ and employees’ needs!

Thinking of hiring us!?  Look no further!  Just fill out the form giving us the details of what you would like below and a member of our staff will be in contact with you!

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