Our next round of classes will begin in January 2016.

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Class offerings will include, but are not limited to...

Level 1: Intro to Play and Improv Fundamentals
Saturdays 1-3PM
7 week course
Learn the basics of improv: agreement, spontaneity, and most importantly having fun!

Do you want to improve your public speaking and interpersonal communication skills? Are you good at telling stories and being funny around your friends? Want to be more creative or learn to generate ideas on the spot? This class is for you. Level 1 introduces you to improv skills in an open, supportive class structure. You'll learn a mixture of exciting “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” short-form games, group games, and OKC Improv original games! No prerequisites.

Level 2: Playing with Premise and Relationship
Saturdays 1-3PM
7 week course
Continue your improv journey and up your game!

Apply what you've learned in Level 1 to begin mastering the fundamentals of long-form improv and scene work through short-form games and exercises. Students will learn what makes a scene comedic: creating and playing comedic premises, characters with distinct points of view, and relationships between characters. Continue your improv journey by improving your stage confidence, making bolder choices, and committing more to character.
Prerequisites: Level 1

Level 3: Playing with Patterns
Saturdays 3-5PM
7 week course
Delve deep into long form improv while sharping your skills!

This class not only centers on the fundamentals of long form improvisation but digs deeper to help you find what lies underneath. Listening, creating true characters and playing it real in what could be a not-so-real world are just a few of the blocks we’ll explore to help you build your foundation. Prepare to be on your feet – mentally and physically! You’ll emerge from Level 3 with the tools and skills needed to create a full story with recurring themes, rich characters and the delightful element of surprise.
Prerequisites: Level 1 & 2

Level 4: Playing It Real Mondays 7-9PM 7 week course Keep building your improv tool kit with a realistic take on scenes.
Apply what you've learned thus far in order to focus on the deceptively simple task of listening and responding. In this class students will work to build rich, interesting characters and relationships by recognizing their own impulses and emotions. Broaden your improv with specificity, environment and character driven work. This class includes personalized challenges and feedback, as well as the week to week reinforcement of course elements through practice and play.
Prerequisites: Levels 1-3 or gain permission of an instructor.

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