Tuesday, April 17, 2012

8pm: Level 1 Class / Monsters Like Us (Level 2) / Red Letters
10pm: Blood & Ink (Level 3) / Hindsight Improv / Twinprov

OKC Improv, Oklahoma's premier showcase for improvisational comedy and theater, concludes its Spring 2012 Run this weekend with shows this Saturday, April 21 at 8pm and 10pm at Ghostlight Theatre Club (3110 N Walker). These will be OKC Improv's final shows at Ghostlight. Starting June 23, 2012 we'll be start a run of shows and classes at our new home, The Broadway Theater (1613 North Broadway Ave.).

Tickets are $12 each and $6 for improvisers and improv students. Admission is FREE if you're celebrating your birthday with us! Advance purchase of tickets is suggested as most shows sell out. Purchase tickets online at http://www.okcimprov.com/p/tickets.html. For more information call 405.343.1570, E-Mail okcimprov@gmail.com, or visit our websitehttp://www.okcimprov.com/.

The 8pm kicks off with a short form set from our Level 1 Class followed by the world premiere of Monsters Like Us as performed by our Level 2 Class. A brand new form created by OKC Improv alum Michael Roberts, Monsters provides a glimpse into the everyday lives of extraordinary and often misunderstood creatures and characters from mythology, literature, and film. The 8pm closes out with the dynamic and playful character-driven comedy of one of the state's premiere troupes, husband and wife duo Red Letters

OCU Improv opens the 10pm with world premiere of Blood & Ink as performed by our Level 3 Class. Inspired by Vancouver’s hit improv show Ghost Jail, the performers will create a series of improvised scenes, stories, and poems inspired by a single theme. Next up is the long form improv of Hindsight Improv. The 10pm closes out with Twinprov's mind-blowing Rap-sody show, in which an audience suggestion is dynamically explored and expanded upon through a series of alternating improvised scenes and rap/hip-hop songs.



OKC Improv will return with a brand new series of shows and classes this summer starting June 23 at The Broadway Theater.

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