Monday, January 30, 2012

8pm: Red Letters / Other People's Kids (Level 1) /
Strangers (Level 2) / Fortune’s Fools
10pm: Zoom (Level 3) / Locust Pocus / Twinprov

OKC Improv, Oklahoma's premier showcase for improvisational comedy and theater, concludes its Winter 2012 Run at Ghostlight Theatre Club (3110 N Walker) with two awesome shows this Saturday, February 4, 2012 at 8pm and 10pm. Tickets are $10 each. $5 for improvisers and improv students. Admission is FREE if you're celebrating your birthday with us! Reservations are strongly encouraged and can be made via E-Mail at or by phone at 405.343.1570. For more information go to We'll be back with more shows and classes starting March 17, 2012.

The 8pm kicks off with the dynamic and playful character-driven comedy of one of the state's premiere troupes, husband and wife duo Red Letters. Next up is a hilarious mixture of short-form games and less structured scenes from Other People's Kids (Level 1 Class) followed by Strangers (Level 2 Class) a show about serendipity and the random encounters that can change our lives. The 8pm closes out with the Elizabethan antics of Fortune's Fools, as they create a totally improvised one act play in the style of William Shakespeare!

The 10pm opes with the debut of Zoom (Level 3 Class) featuring dynamic physical comedy followed by the long overdue return of improv super troupe Locust Pocus made up of Bryan Bryan Buckley (Red Letters), Buck and Clint Vrazel (Twinprov, Villain: The Musical, The Ones... , Fortunes Fools, et al. and Raychel Winstead (Villain, The Ones, The MiDolls, and Two’s Company). The 10pm closes out with Twinprov's mind-blowing Rap-sody show, in which an audience suggestion is dynamically explored and expanded upon through a series of alternating improvised scenes and rap/hip-hop songs. They will be joined on stage by special guest musical accompanist Kyle Gossett aka Trouble Clef.

In addition to our normal Saturday improv classes, OKC Improv Artistic Directors Buck and Clint Vrazel will be teaching an advanced improv workshop on "Freestyle Rap" from 12-3pm on Sunday, February 4 at Ghostlight Theatre Club (3110 N Walker, OKC). Cost is $25. Limited spaces available. To reserve a seat in any of the advanced workshops call (405) 343-1570 or e-mail For more info. on classes and workshops go to:


Shows and classes will return Saturday, March 17, 2012!


Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012
12-3pm: Freestyle Rap taught by: Buck and Clint Vrazel (OKC Improv Artistic Directors) - $25

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